Research into European weddings

These links, which were our bookmarks, were culminated from a year's worth of research and can be a big time-saver-shortcut for those of you also looking into a wedding in Europe, or at least in Italy.

Many of the 'bookmarks' were made as we came across something interesting and we thought we'd need 'that' info someday... links to euro rail or translation services for translating the birth certificates into Italian or info on specific cities we were going to visit, etc....

good luck,

Joie and Lorena

  1. wedding packages-prices
  2. Weddings
  3. Marriage in Italy
  4. Italian Embassies in the US
  5. Obtaining Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates in Italy
  6. Homepage of the Italian Consulate
  7. The universal currency converter
  8. Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Apostille
  9. California Secretary of State - Business - Notary - Apostille and Certification
  10. TRAVELING italy by rail
  11. Translation
  12. Wedding Rings [titanium]
  13. Lonely Planet - Destination Rome
  14. FLORENCE, Italy on The complete English guide.
  15. 160+ hotels in rome
  16. Eurail -- for buying train tickets in America for use in Europe
  17. FS online -- (the italian high-speed trains timetables)
  18. The Graffiti Wall: Mouthwatering Italy
  19. CITY OF FLORENCE - Official web site of the Municipality of Florence
  20. Welcome to Italy - Tuscany - Accommodation in Siena
  21. hotel garden- where we will stayed in siena
  23. Round-The-World- great for making travel plans- lists, etc....
  24. Yahoo! travel tips and tools
  25. The Compleat Carry-On Traveler: The Packing List